The concrete production

The concrete production is technologically connected to granite processing because waste of granite, that was processed into coloured crush stones, is used for production of artificial stones. The original technology of washed concrete, that was purchased in Germany, allows us to manufacture artificial stone and final products, that keep the texture of polished surface and unpolished natural granite. The availability of joinery shop and long experienceof work with metal, allowed us to launch the production of city furniture and hardscaping, which complement the line of building materials, manufactured by the plant. Thus, our production strategy is aimed at 100% granite processing due to manufacture of a single product line, which contains products of two classes – from natural granite and artificial stone.

Proizvodstvo Betona


The backbone of the production is the technology of vibratory casting from concrete on the straight-line and stationery vibratory lines, using the top-notch European technologies, unique components and materials, which allow us to manufacture products of the highest quality, compliant with all European norms and standards, which apply to the decorative and finish construction, and manufacture of decorative concrete products.


The plant personnel of the company have received training in the best companies of Czech Republic and Germany, which use the technology of vibratory casting. The specialists of “GeosNordic” implement all their knowledge and skills for making concrete mixtures,molding and stand of products, so that the customer would receive the products of the highest quality.

Products, manufactured on the Concrete Production

“GeosNordic”manufactures and sells a wide range of small-scale products from concrete, which includes 11 principal groups:

  • City furniture
  • Landscaping products
  • Steps and platforms
  • Terrace tiles
  • Upgrading of graveyards
  • Façade and finishing materials
  • Road improvement
  • Products from reinforced concrete
  • Metal products
  • Fences and accompanying products

Spheres of product application

Courts of private and municipal residential houses, drives and park paths, squares and streets in communities, parking and pedestrian zones.

Lobbies; floors in industrial, commercial, warehouse, garage and basement areas; staircases, entries, squares and garden paths.

Finishing basements and facades of buildings with tiles, imitating the texture of natural stone, though they are more durable and affordable; finishing of indoor rooms in office buildings, houses, apartments; finishing of fireplaces, saunas and bathrooms.

Exclusive design and landscaping of private house and farm-house yards, summer cottages and gardens.

Improvement of parks, pavements, streets and squares in communities. Creation of the unique designs for gardens, private houses, farm-houses,recreation centres and health resorts.