Granite production

Classical granite production starts from open-pits. We deal with the best suppliers of Northern, African, Indian and Brazilian granites, who can supply us the best quality granite blocks.


Granite is a unique material, that goes through 100% processing,which is performed in course of very serious integration of dozens high-tech industries. The standardization of granite blocks in size and quality isthe first step in a long chain of transformations, that the unique rock undergoes before becoming a stylish product, decoration or under layer of asphalt coating.


The first-class block features regular geometric shape,at least 3000cm long,and at least1800cm high.Block width depends on its weight – blocks cannot weigh more than 26 tons. Strict rules for measurements apply as the following chain of the machines, equipment and technologies, intended for the subsequent transportation and processing of such large and bulky objects, are namely designed for such parameters.

Such parameters include: the bearing capacity of loading-unloading equipment, the measurements of a standard20-feet container, the weight restrictions for highway shipments, the dimensions of the equipment for cutting granite blocks into slabs, and many more.

sklad blokov2Our production starts after blocks leave the open-pit,where from we take blocks for the subsequent processing.The company GEOSNORDIC is capable to ensure the quality non-waste processing of any granites, in line with all environmental norms and standards. 

The technological chain starts with unloading of granite blocks onto the outdoor open storage with area more than 3000m2

A lift truck, capacity 25 tons, and three forklifts, capacity 5 tons, allow us to unload and carrycubic and large-capacity blocks to the workshops.


The outdoor storage of granite blocks is necessary as it is the natural environment for granite.Besides, unloading of heavy duty trucks and 40-feet containers, used for delivering granite blocks to the plant, required availability of large spaces.

The heart of our granite production is the latest modification of 20-rope sawKODIAK 20Ver2, manufactured by the Italian company “BM Srl”, and which has capacity 3000-3500 m2 slabs per month


After cutting a block into slabs, the operator and his assistant take slabs away, and they are taken to the separate warehouse of the unprocessed slabs, using the special machines.

The technological chain also contains two polishing machines, which allow us to polish up to 4 oversized slabs simultaneously,in automatic mode. Thus, in the first stage of the production, we receive our first product – high-quality slabs in five standard measurements.

FormatkaBolshaja PilaFinishnaja Obrabotka

After polishing, the slabs are packaged in the special wooden studding. Such studding can be moved either by the overhead crane or a lift-truck. The total weight of load inside such packaging is 3.5 to4.0 tons. The advantage of such packaging is a possibility to unload slabs one by one,as there is an inclination, that helps to avoid unloading of entire batch at once.

FracaroliThe next stage of the technological line contains the disc panel-sizing saws of different size, milling and polishing machines, that allow us to manufacture the standard products, including granite tiles, curbstones, staircase steps and platforms, granite paving setts. In addition, we are ready to manufacture custom products pursuant to the client’s measurements. 

Granite waste, collected from processing of the main quantity of blocks, is transferred to the crush line, where coloured crushed granite in four standard measurements is manufactured. A proportion of the granite goes to production of artificial stone, and another proportion is sold in weighted bags for purposes of decoration.

One more unique object at our plant is thewater treatment unit from the Italian company “Fracorolli”. Granite processing requires a lot of technological water, that is necessary for cooling and flushing granite dust. All water, saturated with granite particles, is collected into a single system, then it goes through the complicated system of filters, and, finally, returns back into the system, completely purified. As for granite dust, it is collected to the special storage tank, where it is pressurised, and transformed into an excellent product, which is used as supplement to mineral fertilizers. So, at our plant, even the granite dust is totally recycled

In the nearest future, the machine fleet of the granite production will be expanded by the following machines, purchased from the leading European manufacturers:

  • Multi-rope saw BMKODIAK 20Ver, capacity 3400-3800 m2 slabs a month
  • Two polishing automatic machines PrmaszAS-01.2
  • Panel-sizing machineFickertFBS70018kW
  • Granite sawing machineProMechPPF/1600/2500x2500
  • Three lever-type polishing machines
  • Rope profile saw for cutting complex shapes and holes


  • CNC Bridge saw with maximum disc diameter 700 mm– a manufacturer has been not chosen yet.

Auxiliary mechanisms:

  • System of treatment and recirculation of waterFRACCAROLIeBALZANFB/2300V- WD-CF650L/min.
  • Lift-truckVALMETTD2512 capacity 25 tons
  • Lift-truckHUSTER5.5 tons
  • Lift-truckHUSTER 1.8 tons