Geos Nordic processes granite and other natural stones, manufactures concrete and decorative concrete structures, and also produces granite-based top-class mineral fertilizers.

Geos Nordic is testing new technologies for concrete and concrete structures production, granite and other natural stones processing, as well as the production of granite-based mineral fertilizers.

This policy must be considered by all Geos Nordic employees when making well-considered and grounded decisions.

Geos Nordic strives to continuously develop its business in line with three main principles  High Quality of products and services, Safe labour practices, and Environment Protection.

Geos Nordic sets itself the following goals:

1. To improve constantly our image among current and future consumers of products and services through:
  a. increasing customer satisfaction striving always to meet their needs;
  b. increasing the processes efficiency at all stages of the product life cycle: from an order receipt and planning to the final product delivery;
  c. observation by all personnel of our Management System requirements.
2. Maintaining a co-operative spirit among our employees
3. Improving the economic and social conditions of our personnel
4. Ensuring the personnel and the environment safety
5. Improving continuously the efficiency of the Management System, developed in line with international standards, regularly analyzing its compliance with the company's goals.

Geos Nordic pays special attention to customer satisfaction; we take into account and analyze the expectations of our customers and comply with their requirements.

Geos Nordic monitors, measures and improves the Management System efficiency using it as a way of enhancing the overall company culture and performance. We welcome the personal responsibility of our employees for the high-quality performance of their duties using internal reserves.

Geos Nordic strives to achieve its goals of continuous development and progress in a rapidly changing business world.

Geos Nordic familiarizes the concerned parties with the Quality Policy, ensuring that its principles are followed in daily practice.