GEOS NORDIC OÜ is a large manufacturing company, that has its own Granite and Concrete Plants. Geos Nordic was launched due to an investment project, initiated by the “GeosTek” management. Our manufacturing company started as a building material store.Along with the turnover growth, the management cherished a desire to launch manufacture of original products of the company.For that purpose, we purchased in Germany the equipment and technology of production from artificial stone and concrete. Production of concrete under the “GEOS” trademark started in the year of 2002. The production is based on the vibratory casting technology, when products are manufactured from concrete straight-line and on stationary vibratory lines, using original components and materials, thus getting products of the highest quality. Our products comply with every European norm and standard in the sphere of decorative and fit-out construction, and manufacture of decorative concrete products. In just under a year of industrial activity, the company was able to get into the regional and Estonian markets with a wide range of products, and became a leader in their segment.

The next significant milestone in the company development was a launch of a new product line in2005, which includes manufacture of city furniture.It allowed us to start the manufacture of the small-scale series of designer city furniture and hardscaping, that decorate a lot of Estonian towns, including the central square in Tallinn.

In the year of 2012, a production line was launched for granite processing cycle – starting from open-pit block and ending with final product, ready to be shipped to clients. In 2013 the company expanded into the Northern markets. The main products of the granite production until the year of 2015 included landscaping elements, paving elements, steps for staircases,customized monuments.

In the middle of 2015, a new investment project was initiated, which includes assembly of a new production line for cutting slabs and their polishing, featuring the capacity up to 3000 m2. For that purpose, the existing granite production was reconstructed. As a result of the reconstruction, the Granite production got 4 separate areas: 900m2 – the main production of slabs and products final processing;150 m2 – the workshop for cutting blocks into slabs;270 m2 - the slabs storage buffer;600m2 – the storehouse for storage and assembly of sets. The contacts with leading producers of Northern granite in Finland, Sweden, Norway were established. The specialists studied modern technologies of complete granite processing,including disposal of granite fines,plenty of which appears in a process of cutting big blocks of granite.As a result, a modern granite processing plant was designed and built with a participation of the Italian company “BM Srl”, a world leader in Granite processing, the capacity of which on the first stage is up to 3000 m2 granite slabs and tiles in a month, and advanced capacity 6000m2 granite products in a month. The reconstruction of the old granite production was completed in December 2015, and in January 2016 the plant was started.