Geos Nordic OÜ is the largest Baltic manufacturer and modern designer of industrial and decorative products made of concrete, metal, wood and granite!

Our plant has a concrete, metal-working, carpentry and stone-working workshops that have been operating since 2002. Since then, many projects have been implemented at construction sites in all market sectors in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. Having a modern machine park and a professional staff of employees, the plant creates products from concrete, metal, wood and granite for various purposes.

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Many years of experience on various projects allows us to implement any ideas of designers and architects. Our structural engineers and designers can offer both a product development under a project, and alternative designs, which can significantly reduce the estimated cost of the product. We actively cooperate with both young and experienced designers and such creative interaction allows us to satisfy the most complicated wishes of our clients. All our products are elaborated in structural and technical aspects, their appearance sticks in memory due to its originality and aesthetics. We also develop customized designs and produce city furniture, rotundas, balusters, complex reinforced concrete products, special-purpose platforms, special foundations, concrete and metal pavilions, cable ducts, prefabricated street planters and much more.

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Unique opportunity!

Collaborating with our team, you get a unique opportunity to start working with such large segments of the construction market as government tenders and private development projects. The Geos Nordic team has an extensive experience in this field and can share its experience with partners. If necessary, we will consult as regards creation of data processing and projects search systems. To start any project, you need to get and submit to us the relevant technical documentation for calculations, and only in a few days you will receive a ready price offer with a short specification for all products that Geos Nordic is able to produce. When it comes to agreement of products with the main customer, our engineers and designers will submit for approval a finished solution for all products in the form of drawings and ready-made 3D models. Trust our experience - more than 50% of projects reach approval stage and more than 60% of them are approved! Here you can find short information about our projects, of which 80% are government tenders and 20% are development projects.

If you want to experience an “easy and pleasant cooperation”, contact us today!